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Alone but not lonely II

This is a series of illustrations created after a year of lockdown.
About loneliness and companionship.

flowerman.jpg (2).jpeg
flowerman.jpg (3).jpeg

In 2020 we entered our first national lockdown in the UK. Many of us had to learn how to be alone.

I recently asked some of my friends about their experience of "Alone but not lonely".

I always thought it is something you have to learn through realisation. Realising you can call your close ones when you feel lonely, or reminding yourself there are always people you can reach out to.

But little did I know it could be learnt through acknowledgement. Someone had the most unforgettable night camping out by himself, and someone's favourite thing to do is to visit the local pub and have fried wings alone.

draft_treefromheart.jpg (1).jpeg
draft_treefromheart.jpg (2).jpeg
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