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The Umbrella Movement Series



20 x 20 cm

Hong Kongers have been fighting for full universal suffrage for Hong Kong since September 28 and continued for 3 months. This movement had raised the spirit of the people and the hope for democracy, and awaken our self understanding of identities. 

China's authoritarian leaders promised universal suffrage for the semi autonomous city and its first democratic election in 2017. Voters are able to choose Hong Kong's chief executive, the city's top government official. However, Beijing leaders insist that all candidates must be screened by a committee of loyalists before candidacy approval.

My work depicts scenes during and after the protest of front line protesters to those who disregard the proceeding of the protest. 

Umbrella Man II.jpg
Chief Excutive.jpg
Without Traffic.jpg
Racial Minorities.jpg
Wall of Democracy.jpg
Umbrella Man I.jpg
Umbrella Man II.jpg
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