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COllective Identity project

This is a series of illustrations commissioned by the Collective Identity Project.

Exploring compassionate connection, individual and collective identity and the value of leading with care – Danielle Teale’s recent work Collective IDentity (CID), is the latest in a series of multidisciplinary explorations with dancers, musicians, visual artists, film and photography and research, spanning across 18 months working with 7 partners across the country, funded by Arts Council England.

Collective IDentity (CID Project), brings expressive, moving and creative dance opportunities to people with Parkinson’s throughout 2021. Featuring a live dance and music programme directed by Danielle Teale (dance) and Jaka Skapin (music), this programme is an exploration of togetherness and empathy, in a personal enquiry into compassion, care, identity and collectivity, both on screen and in person.

About Exploration in Collectivity:

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Revisiting, listening, responding

A watercolour and graphite series of illustrations on cotton rag by Edwina Kung

This body of work is inspired by a beautiful time spent together with the dancers online; stories shared through movement, unfolding oneself, and connecting with others. I used a process of collecting movements through mark-making, and translating them through illustrations to retell stories that were told on screen. Through dancing, there was a process that involved following other peoples’ movements, noticing, creating responses, and transformation. This process opened the senses and seemed to expand the dancers’ willingness to share in their everyday lives and experiences. Dancing seemed to help discover and encounter oneself as an individual and as a collective in so many different ways. Just like slow reading, through dance we pay close attention to details in gestures, textures, and motions of things around us to transform them into movements.

1. Story of our minds.jpg

Stories of our minds
Watercolour and graphite on cotton rag

2. Noticing the body.jpg

Noticing as a practice
Watercolour and graphite on cotton rag


In between
Watercolour and graphite on cotton rag

4. Remembrance through movement.jpg

Remembrance through movement
Watercolour and graphite on cotton rag

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