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Who we are now, and then..

Collective IDentity 2021

An exhibition of visual art, photography and film work sharing perspectives on identity from the lives of dancers with Parkinson’s.

Directed and curated by Danielle Teale, Who we are now, and then...invites you into the shifting and evolving ideas surrounding care, identity, and compassion, shared by people with Parkinson’s through the process of dancing with Danielle Teale’s Collective IDentity (CID Project). 

The exhibition will feature three commissioned artists who will present new creations alongside photographic work captured in dancers' homes by Sara Hibbert and the screening of excerpts from a documentary film directed by Danielle Teale and Jaka Skapin.

The commissioned artists are Emma Brown, a visual artist with a focus on printmaking and illustration, Edwina Kung, a fine artist who explores how we respond to our surroundings to make meaningful relationships and David Armes who works with letterpress and focuses on print, language and geography.

Exhibition locations and dates:


London, 3rd October 2021 – 5th January 2022

Poplar Union – 3rd October – 19th October 2021
IdeaStore Bow – 4th October – 19th October 2021
IdeaStore Chrisp Street – 22nd October – 11th November 2021

UCLH – 22nd October – 2nd November 2021
IdeaStore Whitechapel – 13th November – 28th November 2021
Wimbledon Library – 30th November – 11th December 2021
Tooting Library – 4th December – 21st December 2021
Queen Mary’s – 13th December 2021- 5th January 2022


Lancashire, 8th – 27th January 2022

Fleetwood and Fulwood Library – 8th January – 27th January 2022

Hampshire, 5th-18th February 2022

The Point – 5th February – 18th February 2022

Essex, 4th – 29th March 2022

Wivenhoe, Colchester and Stanway Library – 4th March – 29th March 2022

Virtual gallery:

More about Collective Identity 2021:

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