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AiR Pinea Linea de Costa
Artist residency exhibition


Rota, spain

residency period
2019.10.01 - 10.30


Drawing sounds, listening to drawings

Throughout this residency, I was inspired by the sounds, environment and unfamiliarity I was surrounded with. 

I start "noticing", and as an experiment, I chose sound as my bridge, and started recording my daily wandering across town. A walk by the beach that was 5 minutes from the studio, the local bakery, adventures in the small valley, and peeling avocados in the mornings. 

I gathered these soundtracks and started creating works responding to these materials I gathered. It first started off with sound drawings, making marks as I hear strong sounds from the recordings. It continues with gentle brushstrokes following the calmness of the sea. Slowly, these marks, textures and gestures become the process of making, and I've found my way to make work responding to the town I was in.

After this experiment, I took my art supplies with me and went around the small town. Sitting down in random locations, and continued my sound drawings, listening to sounds from the present. 

How else could I express the "materials" I've collected besides drawing on paper? With the exhibition, I decided to create my sound drawing on the wall, with strings found in the studio, left by previous artists. Moreover, I've shown the avocado skins I've peeled, washed, patted-dried flattened and pinched throughout the month from breakfast. This piece is a metaphor for the duration of the residency and my artistic process. 

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