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what is home?
100 x 120 cm

Acrylic and oil pastels on linen canvas

What is home?

Home is where we can relax
Home is who we can rely on
Home is where we stand
Home is where we belong
Home is how we learn who we are
Home is Hong Kong-style milk tea
Home is always there
Waiting for my return

This series explores the idea of the sense of place and its portability. With our surroundings constantly changing, and with many people moving from places they were familiar or once familiar with to places that are foreign, and abstract, both physically and mentally, the experience might seem overwhelming at times.

This series emphasizes the essence of home rather than its geographical location. For those who left their homeland due to political reasons and now face potential arrest upon return, the notion of returning home might seem unrealistic.

I began pondering what I yearned for the most about Hong Kong and tried linking the dots between my upbringing and the current state of Hong Kong and where I am now. Through understanding my own journey, I am able to slowly develop a way to collect and retell the stories of others.


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